Ryan Jackson


Starting his education in his adolescence as a consumer of mental health services for trauma-induced chronic depression Ryan continued to learn, grow, mature and heal. As a teen and into his early 20’s, he started volunteering at a long term alcohol and drug treatment center where he learned the art of avoidance through service and continued in his personal education in all things psych related.

After taking a break from the mental health field and progressing in his personal recovery, Ryan returned to healthcare in the form of Geropsychology at an assisted living facility in Maryville, TN. After quickly advancing to a team leader and then to a restorative therapist position Mr. Jackson was offered a position at an inpatient acute psychiatric hospital where he assisted in setting up their alcohol and drug detox unit and psycho-education programs. From there he continued to push forward and use the things he had learned through personal experience and education to obtain a position as a Team Leader over the hospitals two most acute units and the detox unit and finally writing a psycho-education workbook and joining the ranks of administration as the head of staff and patient training, development and education.

After 20 years of service, with a short break in the middle, Ryan decided to end his full-time career in the mental health field. However, it still remains a passion and driving force in his life as he is still committed to ensuring people receiving mental health services are treated respectfully and fairly, receive the services they require and are provided with the proper education and training so that they may better understand and comply with necessary treatments for an improved quality of life.

Along with his extensive time working as a counselor, educator, Cornell University Therapeutic Crisis Intervention Trainer, and member of hospital administration, Ryan has spent 24 years working independently with LGBTQ2IA+, BDSM, Swinger, and other “alternative lifestyle” communities. Through his coaching of hundreds of individuals and couples, he has gained an extensive understanding and respect for subcultures and nonheteronormative relationships.

In Ryan’s free-time he is a dedicated husband, a podcaster, an avid bowler, a hilariously bad golfer, an amateur musician, and a connoisseur of quality Movies and TV series.

Consulting Services:
  • B.A.R. Cycle Trainer (Belief, Action, Result)
  • BDSM Education & Consulting
  • Corporate & Motivational Speaking
  • Couple’s Relationship Consulting
  • General Life Consulting
  • Generalized & Social Anxiety
  • Generalized Depression
  • LGBTQ2IA+ Education & Consulting
  • Sex & Sex Education Consulting

Ryan Jackson is a supporter and a Kink Aware Profession of the National Coalition of Sexual Freedom (N.C.S.F.).